We are available at every operating system

Were tired complex spreadsheets visibility and fees every time made transaction. we created a better way to send, haveing receive and manage money,

For Android
Android 7+ and above.
For iOS
Requires iOS 10 or later.
For Windows
Android 7+ and above.
For Mac
Android 7+ and above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What content sources can add to Revamped?

With Revamped, you can seamlessly integrate a variety of content sources, including Tweets, YouTube videos, articles, and websites. Our aim is to offer a versatile platform for all your content curation needs.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We believe in the value Revamped brings, but should you decide to cancel, you can do so anytime from your account settings. Any ongoing subscription will not renew after the current billing cycle. Your data and newsletters remain accessible to you for a period after cancellation, as per our data retention policy.

How do I send the final newsletter to my subscribers and email list?

While Revamped doesn't send emails directly, we've ensured smooth integration with all leading email providers such as BeeHiiv, Mailchimp, Covertkit, and more. Just select 'export' on your finalized newsletter, choose "Copy as Rich Text", and then paste it directly into your preferred email platform. This ensures your newsletter retains its original format, design, and style, making the transfer process as seamless as copy-pasting.

Can I upgrade my plan to after signing up?

Yes, if you need a higher token limit you can easily upgrade your plan within the application. We will also prorate the pricing so you don't have to pay the full price if you're already on a paid plan.

How does the AI Ghost Writer feature work?

Our AI Ghost Writer is designed to refine and elevate your content. Once you've curated your newsletter, the ghost writer can help edit, shorten, expand, switch tones, or even translate languages. Think of it as your co-editor, ensuring your content is engaging and aligns with your unique voice.

How do I contact Support?

Contact our support team by sending us an email to admin@revamped.io